Blanket Cleaning Rolls (Wet and Dry)

Wet Rolls

Presoaked Rolls: Sheet Fed / Web / Specialty

Using Low Voc Chemistry The Pre-Soaked Rolls Simply Clean Better & Faster!

  • Reduce Make Ready Time By 50%
  • Reduce Cloth Consumption By 70%
  • Eliminate Odors Related To Hazardous Press Washes
  • Eliminate Clogged Spray Nozzles and Hoses
  • Cleans UV, EB, Hybrid, and Conventional Inks
  • Provides a Cleaner and Safer Work Place For Employees and Customers

Dry Rolls

Trojan Uses Only Dupont Sontara Material

  • Automatic Blanket System
  • Plate Roll Cleaner
  • Chill Roll / Cylinder Cleaner

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